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Sailing You To Clear Vision

Nestled in the prestigious Camden Medical Centre in Orchard, Singapore, The Straits Eye Centre is a sanctuary for those seeking comprehensive eye care. 


Our mission is to provide quality eye care services in Singapore. Upholding our core values of integrity, patient-centeredness, and commitment to care, we strive to ensure the welfare of our patients and their vision.

Straits Eye Team

"I provide eye care for my patients as I would for my own family."

Dr Jayant V Iver


At TSEC, we are proud to have a team of dedicated professionals, including our internationally recognized eye surgeons with over 15 years of experience. 

The Straits Eye Centre Dr Jayant


Dr Jayant V Iyer is Senior Consultant and Medical Director at The Straits Eye Centre based in Camden Medical Centre. He specializes in comprehensive Ophthalmology for conditions such as cataracts, dry eyes, refractive errors and diabetic retinopathy, with an added subspecialist expertise in glaucoma.


Dr Jason Lee is Senior Consultant and Medical Director at The Straits Eye Centre based in Camden Medical Centre. Jason’s proficiency in the management of General Ophthalmology conditions such as myopia and refractive error, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy is complemented by an added focus in the field of Oculoplastics.

The Straits Eye Centre Dr Jason


Eyesight is the most important of our five senses. It is important that we take good care of our eyes and detect eye diseases early to prevent vision impairment or blindness.


Cataracts are a natural part of the aging process, characterised by the clouding of the lens inside the eye. This cloudiness can lead to blurred or hazy vision, difficulty with night vision, and increased sensitivity to glare. Over time, untreated cataracts can significantly impair vision, making daily activities challenging.

The Straits Eye Centre Eye Surgery


Glaucoma is a silent, progressive eye disease that can stealthily damage the optic nerve. Without early detection and intervention, it can lead to irreversible blindness. Timely diagnosis is essential to safeguard and protect vision.


Droopy eyelids and eye bags, common eyelid diseases, can affect appearance and vision. Often due to aging or genetics, they can be managed with medical treatments or surgical procedures for enhanced cosmetic and functional outcomes.


The retina, essential for vision, can be damaged by ageing, resulting in macular degeneration, or by conditions like diabetes. Early detection and treatment are crucial to manage these diseases and maintain eyesight.

The Straits Eye Centre Eye Surgery Zoom In


Whether you're a local resident, an expatriate residing in Singapore, or seeking quality healthcare from abroad, we welcome you to reach out to find out more about our services.

Dr Jayant and his team take every measure to make a trip to this clinic, a very pleasant one. Booking appointments is fuss free, very gentle nurses and front desk staff, Dr Jayant is very thorough in his explanation and has an open discussion about the options ahead. His team also followed up to check on how I was feeling and helped with appointments proactively. Special thanks to Alina for being very gentle and going the extra mile to ensure patient comfort.

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Dr Jayant is very professional and thorough in his examination. He gave very constructive feedback and is very warm and friendly. The staff is all wonderful and makes u feel like u r in a 5 star hotel. They will always let you know when would be your turn and keeps making sure patient are not too ruffled in case the queue is too long. The charges are not that cheap but it is totally worth it

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Honey Lemon

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What a refreshing experience to visit Straits Eye Centre. Firstly, the atmosphere is very relaxing and clean - doesn't feel like a clinic. But more importantly I was impressed by Dr. Jayant and his staff for their professionalism - explaining in detail every step (I required multiple tests) and most importantly understanding the patient's needs. For example Dr. Jayant made sure to prepare soft copies of all my records at my request. Highly recommend!

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Paul Hextall

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I had a wonderful experience here, being referred to Dr Lee..a very caring doc and his assistants. It took 2 months and two small procedures to lick my persistent eyelid problem. Throughout, the team was very caring, answering queries even outside working hours very promptly, fitting me in fast when I was in eye discomfort, checking back frequently even via WhatsApp. Kudos to the whole team! Tara

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My mum has been under the care of both Dr Jayant and Dr Jason. And her experience has been very pleasant. Dr Jayant is very thorough in his approach and mum feels very reassured after each consultation. Dr Jayant also identified that droopy eyelids were one of the issues affecting her eyesight and making her feel tired. She underwent ptosis surgery by Dr Jason and has recovered well. And surely, her vision and general wellbeing have improved. Thank you, Doctors!

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At The Straits Eye Centre, we believe in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for our patients. We place great importance on patient education, helping you understand your condition and the various treatment options available.

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